Russian art expert in Paris
Russian art expert in Paris
Expertise and estimate of Russian art objects.
Counsel for the acquisition and selling of pieces.
Ekaterina Nikolaeva - Tendil
Russian art expert in Paris.
Art historian and specialist of the European art market.
Since several years, she counsels auction houses in France (Paris, Lille, Morlaix, Côte d'Azur), Luxembourg and Monte-Carlo for the expertise and estimate of Russian art works (various objects, paintings, icons, silverware, silversmith pieces, historical letters and manuscripts, rare books).
Russian art expert, membre of "Syndicat Français des Experts Professionnels en oeuvres d'art et objets de collection" (SFEP).

Ekaterina Tendil counsels private clients in their quest for exceptional pieces; she also helps develop and manage private collections at every level.

Since 2011, she has assisted museums in Russia in their research to acquire works. Amongst her clients: the Museum of Peterhof, the Chinese Palace of Catherine II in Oranienbaum, the Theatre Museum of Saint-Petersbourg and the Palace of Catherine II in Tsarskoe-Selo.

As expert in Russian art, she organizes several auction sales with different auction houses in France each year.

Possibility of choosing the sale most adapted to the client.
Upcoming sales:
30 may 2024 / SAAD, Dijon
21 juine 2024/ Vermot & Association, Paris
25 june 2024 / Russian art, Cazo, Paris
Art investments and research of unique pieces.
Osenat Art Russe Ordre de Malte en Russie
10 March 2021
The collection of letters of Russian composers
Opening of the exhibition about the collection of letters of Russian composers
in the Theatre Museum in St. Petersburg,
from December 2021.
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